Jwan ATTO / born in 1991/ a Syrian artist.

Educational attainment:

Biology at Al-Furat University,

DAP 3 (BAC+) niveau BAC+3 École d'Art Contemporain Luxembourg.

His interest in art has started since childhood in a kurdish family that encourages this kind of interest.

Atto has a scientific background that includes most of human knowledge, in particular (Pure Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Epistemology, BioGeometry, Applied Chemistry) and he founded a new science called "Errorology", which studies the errors and its characteristics.

From this knowledge background, he began to create his own artistic movement that is called (Errorist movement), which relies on science as a basis for artwork, and to use art as a mean of embodying his theories in advanced mathematics and other branches in a style of clarity and ambiguity.

On the technical aspect, he uses technologies, such as creating the chemical  compounds created by himself. 

Furthermore, his artwork is characterized by the authenticity, the depth of the philosophy on which he relies and shorthand the knowledge in the simplest form, embodying the philosophy of "Less is More", where the simplicity is a prominent feature in his artwork and the philosophy of innovation is very clear, so there is a great diversity in his artworks, therefore each artwork has a special character that distinguishes it from other artwork, which is the embodiment of freedom of thought, no attachment to any dogmatism that hinders the movement of thought, he also relies on the Conceptual Art in some of his artworks.

Atto relies on a wide colors philosophy from pale colors to dark colors, he even invests in the contradiction of colors in his artwork, he doesn't hesitate to use any mean to complete his artwork, contradiction is one of these means which It highlights the beauty of spontaneous errors.

It's important to release imagination as far as possible when contemplating his artworks.

Moreover, the spiritual side has been taken into account, whereas his interest in mysticism enabled him to deliver the invisible part of the artwork in a way that touches the feelings by its high frequencies






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